Poetry Fever(Part 7)

Hello friends. How are you all? Today I wanna ask you a simple and tough question. What is Life? Everyone have there own answers to this question. So to answer this question from my point of view I wrote a poetry. I hope you all will like it. So without wasting any more time let's... Continue Reading →


Poetry Fever(Part 6)

Sometimes I think I am born in the wrong generation. Here loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote, happiness is a myth, lying is the new truth and being fake is a lifestyle. We all know that Happiness is a Myth. So getting inspired by this thought I decided to write a... Continue Reading →


Hello guys. This is my latest poetry. I hope you all will like it. Do comment if you liked itā¤ Also do tell me if I am improving in writing poetry or not and should I post them more often or should I go back to the motivational articles I use to writešŸ˜Š ZINDAGI SE... Continue Reading →


Hello friends. It's been a long time that I shared shayris and poetries.So today I am going to share some of my the shayris I read and loved a lot. I hope you all will like them too.  1. Hum dono mei bas itna sa farak hai     uske sab lekin mere naam se... Continue Reading →

One Year Blogging Anniversary

Good morning to all my enchanting readers. As many of my fellow bloggers and readers know that 20th August is a major milestone for my blog, my one year blogging anniversary! To celebrate, and this is so celebration worthy, I would like to create a blogging award. I can hardly believe that it has been... Continue Reading →

Poetry Fever(Part 4)

Hello buddies. How are you all? I am super happy with the response I am getting for my poems. Thank you everyone who likes them and comment on them. Its Rainy days in chandigarh. I love rains. It's like my favorite days. So I decided to write a poem on Rains. My friend suggested me... Continue Reading →

Poetry Fever(Part 3)

Hello friends. Happy belated friendship day to everyone. How are you all? I hope you all are fine and enjoying your lives. I am glad by the response I am getting for my poetry. Thank you everyone who likes my poetry and comment to tell me their honest reviews.  So today I am going to... Continue Reading →

Poetry Fever(Part 1)

Hey guys. How are you all?  I got many suggestions to start writing poetry but I always use to say that poetry isn't my cup of coffee (I don't drink teašŸ˜œ). But one fine evening when it was raining and I was reading a novel, I suddenly thought to give poetry a try. So I... Continue Reading →

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