What If You Had Just One More Week To Live?

Hello friends. I am writing a post after a very long time and I think that’s just because of Corona lockdown in my city. Sitting at home bored, so just thought to share something.

So after reading the topic you all must have come to know why I chose this topic. During this pandemic a thought crossed my mind after seeing many people getting contracted from Coronavirus and some dying too. I made myself some questions about how much I value the fact that I’m healthy. Why are some people dying due to Covid19 and I am till now away from this disease? This is a question many of us have thought about after this kind of experiences, but the question I want to focus on is what would you do if you’d have only one more week to live? Probably you have a huge list of things you’d want to do, but when you have such a short time you need to prioritize and choose which things are possible and which are not.

So I am going to share some things which I would like to do in that 1 week.

Spend time with family: Family is the greatest treasure on earth. My family has given me everything I’ve needed through the years and if I were about to die in a week, I’d spend every moment I could with them. Think about how much they would suffer if you died, specially your parents. Nothing hurts a parent more than watching one of their children die before them. Spend time with them and don’t wait until events like this come to your life to value your family.

Propose the one you love: It’s interesting how when we’re running out of time is when we have the courage to do things that normally we would be scared of. Tell the one you love how much she means to you. Be sincere and don’t expect that person to love you back or you could end heartbroken. Just tell that person how you feel and expect nothing in return. You’ll feel much better after that and you’ll be proud of yourself for it.

Make peace with a long lost friend: There was a person once in mt life whom I called my best friend. But had a fall out with that person. If I were to die in 7 days then I would definitely make peace with that person once again and convert him from and enemy to a friend.

These are the few things I would definitely do if my life had just 7 days in it. Comment the things you would like to do if you had just ‘7 Days to live’

28 thoughts on “What If You Had Just One More Week To Live?

  1. Probably, write down as many memories as possible and publicise it highly with all the money I have. Write things which can be a direct aid to other survivors in the humankind and leave them behind. It will be the best memory I can think of leaving for my close ones and the whole of humanity.

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