Poetry Fever(Part 2)

Hello guys. How are you all? Thank you everyone for liking my first poetry and motivating me to write more. So here I am to share a new poem of mine. I hope it gets the same response as the first one. So here it is-

                        LOVE HURTS

Love is not just a word 

Doing it makes your life absurd 

There is no way to mend a broken heart

What if you both have different paths 

I know they say love is blind 

But I had only you on my mind 

Thing about pain is, it demands to be felt

Take care of your heart or it will melt 

A hurt so deep it cut like a knife 

But wounds heal and I will go on with my life

Thank you everyone who motivated me try my hand in poetry. I am really happy I started writing poems.
I am working on a new poem. I’ll be sharing that soon too. I am love with writing poetry. I know it will take time for me to write a good one but I’ll be happy if I progress a little bit also with every new poem I write. 

Thank you everyone. I hope you like my this poem too. 


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