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Poetry Fever(Part 1)

Hey guys. How are you all? 

I got many suggestions to start writing poetry but I always use to say that poetry isn’t my cup of coffee (I don’t drink tea😜).

But one fine evening when it was raining and I was reading a novel, I suddenly thought to give poetry a try.

So I sat and thought for a long and wrote a lot. I finally came up with my first poetry. I hope you all will like it.  It’s my first attempt in writing poems. So here is the first one I wrote:

                   My First and Last Love 

Loving you is my biggest achievement 

I can never find your replacement 

Thinking of you gives my life sense

My life without you is a suspense 

Gone are those days when I use to see you everyday 

Now my heart is stray 

Dreaming about you is the only option left 

Not having you makes me depressed 

Life without you isn’t fair 

Life without you is full of despair 

Tears flow down as I reach the end 

Losing you have left me in torment. 

Do tell your opinion on my first take at poetry. I hope you all will like it and will relate to it. 


113 thoughts on “Poetry Fever(Part 1)

  1. You write really good.
    You story is same as mine..
    I wrote my first poem during my friends and family used to say that i write pretty well..and i also felt that i should give it a try..actually i was writing a short story but it turned put to be a beautiful poem. “A peaceful night” can read it on my blog..
    And how can someone not like tea.

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  2. Good for you that you are trying out poetry. It has been one of the hardest writing styles for me to read and to write but as I have had to teach it to kids, I’m learning the beauty and power of poetry. This is a great start! Keep writing.

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  3. This is a very good start for your first poem. Keep writing. You’ll only get better. And the more you write, the more you will develop your own style. Sometimes you won’t even realize you have a style. Lol. But the most important thing to remember when writing poetry is to evoke the same emotions that you’re feeling at the time, in your reader. Make them feel what you feel. Whether it be love, pain, joy, hope. Keep at it. This was a good first piece and I look forward to reading more from you.

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