Get Busy Living… 

Hello friends. This is my 50th post and I really wanna thank you all for all the support. I could never come this far without you all who read my blog and appreciate it as well. Thank you very much. 

So now without much delay, let’s start this week’s post. So this week’s topic is ‘Get Busy Living’

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” –  Unknown 
I know you are smart, driven and a good person. You learnt that life becomes smooth and easy when you follow all the rules and  regulations. So you memorized the rulebook inside out. 

People expected things from you and you made it your job to live up to those expectations—and probably beat yourself up inside when you fell short.
But now you’re stuck, the way anyone who has spent their life making other people happier than they make themselves gets stuck.

You wish you could go back to school and study what you like or maybe you wanna quit your 9-5 job and start something of your own or maybe you wanna move to a big city. 

Every once in a while, when you are not busy getting your to do list checked off or giving your time to the people in your life who always seem to need you—when things get real quiet—you feel absolutely desperate.
You hear the clock ticking, and it’s the ticking off of the moments of a life that’s passing you by. Nothing new. That same old boring routine that you don’t even like. 

You know, somewhere inside you, that there has to be more than this.

I know you. I am you.

I don’t want to have a 9-5 job. I want to Travel. Excitement. Adventure. Heart-stopping moments of bliss.

Nobody outside ourselves knows what’s going on in our hearts, no matter how we try to explain.
Have you ever found this to be true? You can try and try, but there’s a nuance, a depth of desire, that’s impossible to describe. It has to be felt, and nobody else can feel it but the person whose heart is burning.

So we wait. We wait for permission. Many of us die waiting for it.
I don’t want to die waiting for it. 

Do you?

It’s time for us to come out of our shells and admit that we want more. Let’s be honest with each other and ourselves about what we want out of life. Let’s truly support each other and push each other and not take any excuses.

We simply have to be the heroes of our own lives. I’m willing to dust off my cape and step into that role.

Are you?

Here are some secrets to the life you must know :

  • Don’t assume that you can’t do something. Prove that you can’t, and if so, try something else.
  • More often than not, your fear is the culprit for inaction.  More often than not, your fears are unfounded or at least out of proportion. More often than not, your fear will go away once you take action.
  • Strengthen your strengths. Make yourself indispensable in your area(s) of interest and expertise.
  • Always leave time for fun. Make fun happen in your life.
  • Life is short. You have a limited number of days on this Earth. There isn’t time to waste your days in worry, anger or frustration. Make the most of this moment and the next and the next and the next . .

 If you want to have a wonderful life, spend your days in positive, forward-moving action and thought. Dismiss your longings for what you don’t have. Enjoy the actions as much or more than the outcomes. 


62 thoughts on “Get Busy Living… 

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  1. I love this Mehul!!! Great post. I saw a quote today that matches this perfectly “only fools are afraid” most people really are afraid to try new things or step out of their comfort zone. I sometimes am. But will our fright today really matter in 60 years? Awesome post!!

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  2. First of all,many many congratulations Mehul.whenever i feel supremely dull of the dreary intercourse of everyday mundane life,i read your ever encouraging words,and i can see that kindle of hope in me rising,and your words have that kind of power.
    Again,thanks a lot for writing.
    Best wishes,Neha.

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    1. Thank you very much for being there in my blog from starting. You were the first memenber who joined my family on WordPress. I am really happy to know that my posts encourages you and inspire you. In August it’s going to be a year on WordPress for me. Thank you very much for all the support😊😊😊

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  3. Congratulations on your half century @Mehul It’s good that you are doing such an enormous amount of work on your blog. I liked the way you write. Loved the points you discussed in this artical specially this line “We simply have to be the heroes of our own lives. I’m willing to dust off my cape and step into that role.” 😍 Keep up the good work fellow blogger. Have a lovely day..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It feels great to achieve this milestone. I write because of the support I get by people like you. Thank you for motivating me.. I’ll always be thankful to you guys. Have a good day😇😇

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