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My Bucket List… 

Hello friends. How are you all? I was busy so wasn’t able to post the previous week. As I told you all that my life lessons series got over so I want to try new things on my blog page now.

This week I’ll be writing about my Bucket list. I hope everyone knows what a bucket list is. Those who don’t know, it is a list of things you wanna do and places you wanna travel to in your lifetime before you die. I think everyone should have a Bucket List of their own. Just the simple act of writing it down and reviewing your Bucket List will work miracles in bringing it into your life. Having a Bucket List have a lot of advantages.

  1. It forces you to really look at what you want.
  2. It raises your life satisfaction level.
  3. It makes you feel accomplished.
  4. It keeps you moving forward.

So without any delay I’ll be sharing some of the things I have on my Bucket list.

Places I Wanna Travel To:

  • Venice(Italy)
  • Meteora(Greece)
  • Li River(China)
  • Cave in Algarve(Portugal)
  • Plitvice Lake(Croatia)
  • Bora Bora(French Polynesia)
  • Mount Roraima(Brazil)
  • Vatnajokull Glacier Cave(Iceland)  etc etc etc….



Crazy Things To Do:

  • Skydiving in Spain
  • Scubadiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cross Country Road Trip
  • Watch Aurora Borealis in North Pole
  • Write a Book
  • Travel all alone  etc etc etc



There are lot more things that I have on my list. But I just shared few things with you.

These are the few places and few adventures I wanna do in my lifetime before I die. I hope that I’ll be able to achieve all these things. Doing these things will give the ultimate happiness to me. Do share your few things from your Bucket List in the comment section. I will be glad to know about the things my friends want to do in their lifetime before they die.


91 thoughts on “My Bucket List… 

  1. Amazing 👍Wish you all the best… I hope you’ll fulfill all of your dreams 😊
    Well this piece of writing just give me an idea for my next post 😂 I would love to share my bucket list with my WordPress family, next…! 😂

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  2. Interesting bucket list BTW 😃. We have some things in common. I have trekking in my list and also jumping off with/without a parachute in an ocean. I have miami also in my list BTW 😉. You have good and some unique places in your list 😊.

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  3. I have a wish jar which is the same I guess as a bucket list.
    1. Staying healthy
    2. Travel to Ireland
    3. Spain
    4.building my own tinker bell room with all the magic
    5. Winning the lottery
    6. Visiting my far away family often

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  4. Love this post! Really nice ideas on your bucket list and yes, Italy is a must see! Also add Spain to the list. Just went there on vacation and its just amazing! The bucket list post is a great idea and prob should do one as well! Thanks for sharing Mehul and I hope all come true 🙂

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      1. i wana make a cake
        i want someone to take a video when i sing and post it on youtube
        i wana see the peacock dancing
        i want to design a drrs for myself and wear it
        play in the casino of tokyo
        visit las vegas😉😉
        i want to become an actoress ( and ik its impossible because koi ghar pr janta nahi. and obviously none of the directors will spot me on the street and say ur perfect for this character please work with us………so its a dream)
        many mor but for now itna kafi hai.

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      2. Omg.. Awesome.. Perfect bucket list. And btw you can become an actress.. You have the capability. Directors will spot you in crowd. You can do anything.. Best of luck for all the dreams👍👍

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  5. Well right now my bucket list is-:
    Land up in my dream job.
    Travel to such places just never seen before .
    And much more as the life goes on.
    But I often wonder that this is the most easiest thing to write them down but greatest challenge lies ahead when u need to plan in life and keep urself motivated in day in day out in order to fulfill them.

    Gr8 work as it makes one realize his/her goals in life.👍👍

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    1. Nice list. That’s so true. Challenge lies in completing these wishes. I’ll try my level best to complete all of the things I have in my Bucket list. Best of luck to you too for yours👍👍


  6. I like how specific your list is… You have interesting things on it. I, too, have a list. I actually came close to kicking the bucket a few years back, so now I have a second chance at life, and I’m making the most of it! The entire list (over 100 items) is on my blog, but a few items yet to be checked off are: visit Papua New Guinea, participate in an international road rally, produce a film, crowd surf, visit Easter Island, and much more! I share with you: see the northern lights and write a book (I am in the process). Things on your list that I have checked off are: bungee jumping, scuba diving and sky diving. I think you’ll love them!

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    1. That’s super awesome. Northern lights is just a dream I wanna achieve as quickly as I can. Skydiving is the thing I want to do in Spain, bungee jumping in Dubai and scuba diving in Malaysia. I too wanna write a book but not getting enough time to think about it. I am not able to come up with any good idea..


  7. I want to take a cross-country road trip… Travel all around the world… Eat Exotic foods…. Swim in beautiful blue oceans with white sandy beaches… Go scuba diving…. Climb a coconut tree and chop down a coconut…. Go hiking… Get married to a generally nice person, that is healthy, that have similar things in common than me but has way more patience than me and less anger than I….. I can go on and on… Lol..

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  8. Mehul. I haven’t thought about my bucket list ever… In fact I don’t plan anything nowadays.. I live as the day comes… I think i have stopped planning or wishing… Hmmm got to think

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  9. Going to iceland to see the aurora is something I’d like to do too. Haven’t really made one. I take life as it comes but it was gr8 to read yours. Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow😊

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      1. Yes… it’s that magic that I wish to experience too. It’s nice that you have a bucket list because it’s something to look forward to and work towards, 🙂 Your posts are good reading.

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  10. Hi, I really like your bucket list cause it’s realistic and I regcognize myself a bit in it ! I also wrote a post about my bucket list but if I had to choose I would say : to scubadive in Egypt (in the red sea) and to live abroad, in an anglophone country, for a few months !

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  11. Hi! You’ve got some great ideas there! I did 40 things before I turned 40 and am now blogging about my 50 list. I can completely relate to about how us helps you to move forward! Some things I did were see a glacier, see a volcano, etc but I also did bizarre things like eat in a prison, host a radio show, milk a cow, ride a motorbike, get my belly button pierced, drive a tractor. You’ll find it all listed on my ‘list of experiences’ page in case it gives you ideas but look forward to following you 😀

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