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The Past Does Not Equal The Future…

Hello friends. I am back with the third lesson I learned in my life. So this week’s lesson is ‘Your Past Is Not Equal To Your Future’.


You needn’t be defined by your past. And certainly, your future does not have to look like your past, unless you allow it to.

The popular kid isn’t necessarily popular now.
The college cricketer doesn’t always make it to the national/international team.
The child actor often doesn’t make it to the big screen.


The high-school nerd became Bill Gates.
The freshman bench-rider became Michael Jordan.
The poverty-stricken, abused girl became Oprah.

If the past equaled the future, then your windshield would be of no use to you; you would simply drive your car with your eyes glued to the rearview. But driving this way—looking only behind you—is a surefire way to crash.


We’ve all made mistakes and bad decisions in the past. We are all human. We can, however, take the lessons from those bad decisions and start a new future, starting with this moment.

Don’t allow your friends, family, or coworkers fill your mind with thoughts of failure.

You are better than that.

The past is a learning experience and the future is where you should focus.

I still remember when I was afraid to share my writings with others. In my school, I used to write about a lot of stuff but never shared it with anyone due to fear. I used to think that, what will other feel about it. But one day I decided to start this blog page to share the ideas and things I hid inside me for a very long time and you all won’t believe me but after starting this blog I am feeling fantastic. My life has changed a lot.

We all have done things in past which we regret and feel sad for. But what’s the point of being stuck there for your lifetime and waste the precious life we all have got. Why cry for people who left us for their selfish needs. The past doesn’t deserve so much attention. What’s more important is how we live today because the present is all we have.

If you want to succeed in your life, remember this phrase. The past does not equal The future. Because you failed yesterday; or all day today, or a moment ago, or for the last six months; the last 16 years or the last fifty years of life doesn’t mean anything. All that matters is what are you going to do, Right Now.

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54 thoughts on “The Past Does Not Equal The Future…

  1. I read your post first thing this morning and I figure better make me first a cup of coffee before commenting. See because you make one think and I needed some caffeine first😊. Life is like a piggie Bank. We make little deposit every day. On bad days we may not have anything to drop in there . In good days we have lots more.  When this piggie Bank becomes full we crack open and out comes years of life saving experiences that we chose to remember and learn from and move forward. See we become rich in life lessons  by learning from the past, live in the present and keep investing in the future. I ❤ your blog.  Keep making us think. My cup of ☕ is empty.  Cannot focus any longer😄

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    1. Omg… That’s the best thing I can know about my blogs. I am glad that my posts makes you think😊😊 and yup you are right, life is a piggie bank full with various memories and lessons that we learned on our journey of life. Good and bad are part of life and both are worthless without each other. Thank you for liking the post and saying such kind words😊😊😄

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  2. Great inspiring thought…. Well said Mr. Singla! Your future doesn’t depend on your past. This post is helpful to many…. I’m glad you started sharing your views and ideas…because they inspire us!!! ❤😊

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    1. Thanks a lot for nominating me. I will definitely write a post about it but not now. I’ll post it in June because I am having exams right now and also I am writing a series so have to keep the continuity😊😊


    1. I am glad you liked the post. You our past doesn’t define us and our future. But not many people follow this ideology in their life and keep thinking about the past.. Thank you for liking the post😊😊

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      1. Ya ,I agree .We somehow are stuck and obsessed with our past ,even sometimes I did same mistakes ,but we need to live in present.Personality of individual is not dependent on the past events

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      2. It’s not only you but it happened with me too.. I too used to keep thinking about my past but now I am happy that I don’t do it anymore. Now I live in my present because I know that this is the only moment where we can live truly and completely😊


      3. Same here .Writing give me peace of mind and bring positive vibes.A passion and a way which deprived us from anxiety,fear and depression.I m happy bcoz it keep me engaged and try to bring best out of me

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