Who Will Cry When You Die? 

Hello friends. I am back on WordPress after a short break. I am feeling really happy to start writing again on my favorite blogging platform and sharing my views my my WordPress family. So I don’t wanna delay more and start with this week’s post. 

Recently I finished reading a self help book by Robin Sharma. The name of the book is ‘Who Will Cry When You Die‘. After completing the book I got to learn a lot of things about life which is necessary for a happy and a satisfactory life. 

The book is divided into 101 short chapters. Each chapter offers solutions and suggestions to face some of the difficult problems of life and develop one’s personality and personal skills. Some of the suggestions mentioned in this book are— carrying goal cards, learning from good movies, seeing a day as an entire life, learning how to walk, importance of planting trees etc.
After reading this book I made a list of all the things that I got to learn from it. 

I am really filled with positive energy after reading this small book. So I have decided that I want to share 5-6 things more, apart from that book, that I learned from my own experience in this journey called life with you all, because everybody knows that real life is quite different as we see in movies or read in books. Life teaches us the most, more than any book. 

But firstly I want all of my readers to suggest me that should I continue with this thing or not? Do you like my idea? Do tell me in comments that should I do this thing or should I drop this idea.


64 thoughts on “Who Will Cry When You Die? 

  1. A book written by somebody else is good to read. A book written by yourself, your own story with your own words, with your personal life experiences and journey would be a great storyteller. Go ahead and share your own💖

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  2. Well honestly, I’d advise if you want to do it and if it makes you feel good.. You must do it. Because some people will say yes and some will say no. So, at the end that matters is what you think… So if you think this is a good idea, you should go on with it. And I feel if you like what you do or share, others will definitely like it.😊😊

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  3. OMG! Did you just read a Robin Sharma book? Yeah feeling positive na? That’s what I call ” Robin effect “. This is great buddy and ofcourse you can add on content like this further. Actually you know what this was awesome, but as an idea I think if you noted somethings or some ideas from book that you found important you could share that with us too. And that was just another great post👍Keep going! 👍

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    1. That’s a good thing to find a person who likes what you like. Yup his book was awesome. I just loved it. Thinking to read more if his books. That’s a nice idea. I’ll definitely share what I noted with you all😊😊

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    1. That’s true. It’s we who can make our lives better. But these books helps us by making us positive and motivates us to live a great life. And also some of the content helps us a lot to be happy..


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