Short Tales 2

Hey guys. I know I am quite inactive in posting my blogs. I am quite busy these days due to a wedding at home. I apologize for bring inconsistent. But I’ll be active once again after 5th May. I hope until then you will keep liking my this and previous posts… 

I am going to share some more of my short tales or quotes, whatever you wanna call them. I hope you all will like them too as you liked the previous one. 

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133 thoughts on “Short Tales 2

  1. Woow, for me summer too is cricket coz guess what you just don’t play but also usually IPL is held in summer. That was awesome and yeah ice cream, well any season I would still eat ice cream😁. And I like the idea of handwritten letters, they actually are more precious than any message in virtual world❀

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    1. I wrote one for my best friend in my school days. After that I never write or received it. Hand written letters are really special. But whatsapp and other social networking sites stopped it. But I hope to receive it once in my life..

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      1. Hey Mehul.I just watched it.I’m grateful that you suggested me this film,which I never would have watched otherwise.Thank you ☺️
        Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

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      2. I too loved the movie that’s why I suggested it to you. Yup some Infinities ae bigger than the others.. Awesome movie.. I mostly do this only. First I read a novel and then I watch a movie based on it..

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  2. Present sir ! Sorry I am late . I agree with you on the handwritten notes . More beautiful and heartfelt . There is always something delicate about love , you have to preserve the little things and emotions that matter . Not just being a contact number that can blocked anytime or pictures that have to be deleted when the memory is full πŸ˜€

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    1. I was waiting for your comment and now when you did I am glad. You made me so much happy. Yes handwritten notes are love. They speak too much. They really show real connection between two people have you ever received or written any??

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      1. Oh.. I too never received them. But I really hope to receive once in my life. Btw best of luck fr ur exam😊😊 I know you will do wonders. My luck is with youπŸ˜„πŸ˜Š

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      2. Well my plan was MBBS initially , din’t cleared through it .I am studying genetics and plan to be a genetic counselor or pursue research .So I got no dream company πŸ™‚ , What about you?

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      3. Oh you were hear and we never met. I missed that chance.. But I am glad all gol guppa waala are not like that. And I am glad you don’t don’t act like other girls☺️☺️

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      4. Just yesterday I was telling my friend how pizza kept for a long time is more tasty , and I said when you incubate pizza overnight it tastes so good . Sciences walon ka bura haal hai πŸ˜€

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      5. We have almost 50 days of holidays so sometimes I am just being a tree πŸ˜€ . I am free but other members of the family are not free . I do go out on a week of holiday . Planning to learn driving

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      6. 50 days!! That’s great. You must enjoy a lot in vacations. No worry. I am glad you thinking of doing something productive. I am planning to go on a trekking trip in my vacations

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