Short Tales… 

Hey guys. I was not able to post on my site from a long time so wanna share a light post to keep it going. I hope you all will like some micro tales that I wrote and share on my Instagram page. I am constantly trying to do something new with my evert post. So do tell me what you feel about the new things I am trying to do with every passing post.

I hope you all will like these tales I wrote. Do follow me on my Instagram page. My username name is @lifeinprogress29 and do like my page on Facebook. Link is given https://m.facebook.com/lifeinprogress29/?ref=bookmarks


57 thoughts on “Short Tales… 

      1. I am trying really hard to do variety of posts as I was bored by writing the sad posts.. Buy now I wanna try everything. If you do know something different then please do tell me.. I’ll really be grateful to you 😊😊😊

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      2. Hey, there are many if you wanna try like poetry, or if you know to write in hindi then hindi poems, political criticism write ups, or Experience and morals and advices, motivation and lifestyle blog, book reviews, lifehacks or you know something much like quote framing which is already done also if you like travel blogs are awesome . You know what writers write out their hearts, so write what you feel extreme about, it comes naturally. The more you know yourself, the better you write. You can share anything and everything you know. This a platform where your voice can be heard use it for best!👍Good luck!

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      3. Wow they are some really great ideas. And that’s so true. This platform is really great. I too wanna write about travel but I wrote about my goa trip and response was not good so I am afraid to try that genre again. But I like the idea of book review and experience and morals and advices… Thanks a lot for some great ideas😊😊

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      1. That’s so true. He taught me how to love unconditionally. He was the one who deserved the respect he never got. I never judged him in earlier movies as I knew there would be a twist.. Sixth sense…

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      1. Okay! I’ll be honest here… Please don’t mind me… I think it’s the “Don’t Mind Me Day” today… But the thing is I’d prefer to categorise it as “Quotes” rather than “Short Tales” except the last one. I hope you still don’t mind me and I apologise if you did…it was never my intention…

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      2. I too wanted to name it quotes but I titled it as short takes because these all things are things that happened on my life and I feel them and they are very personal to me. I wanted to share my life with these quotes. So gave it this name..

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