Poetry Day!!! 

O Captain, my captain!!!

It was  poetry day yesterday  and I was unaware of it. So I am going to post about it today.

Poetry is a thing that can speak a lot in just few words. It’s the best way to speak our mind. When you are feeling down and sad, then it’s the poetry that comes to help and escapes you from loneliness. 

Two roads diverged into the woods and I selected which would do more damage, so I can write more poetry on the way. 

There’s a movie named as ‘Dead Poets Society’. That’s the movie from where I got interested in poetry and got to know the real meaning of it. I want to thank all the people related to that movie to give this world a masterpiece. 

Poetry is not just a combination of words, but a combination of feelings poured onto a page directly from the cup called Heart. 

Poetry is what happens when nothing else can. It’s a way to live life. Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. 

So happy poetry day to everyone and thank you everyone for my journey in blogging world. I am really grateful to all of you who read my posts😊


90 thoughts on “Poetry Day!!! 

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  2. Hi Mehul, this is my first contact with another blogger since joining WordPress.
    Here’s a poem of mine I have to share:
    Joy walking grass passing brushing hotness
    Breath in lungs in-out moving thoughtless happy freeing
    Feet under me are me taking me on this ride.
    Curve of hill me body-soul advancing across green filaments of grass
    Mindful in moment or moments all one happy filling me up
    Joyful exuberance walking in action of me on that windy warm day.
    -Ron Houssaye

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      1. You can search KavaraStories on both Facebook and Instagram, and I will follow you back! From my Facebook page, you can join my group called The Poet’s Point (:


  3. Hi Mehul,
    I saw Dead Poets Society. I love the movie and Robin Williams’s portrayal. I am an English teacher and used to teach Robert Frost’s poem called a road less traveled which you reference.
    Maybe you can check out my blog. I blog over at mostlyblogging.com. I offer tips for bloggers and I host blog parties where you could meet new readers for your poems.

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      1. Hi Mehul,
        Thank you for your reply. It sounds like you are interested in a follow to follow back. I happen to have a follow to follow directory on my blog. People will follow you back within three days. It is a perk for my blog subscribers.

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  4. There is this independent movie called (slam) it’s about an African American man going through the struggles and finds Freedom within poetry. Please try to watch it… I found the movie to be very inspiring… And also there’s a movie about Miguel Pinero he was a Latin poet screenwriter and producer… It’s a rough story because he was also a drug user and in and out of prison. Pinero was an excellent poet. I might be selling his last name wrong. Hopefully you will search for those two movies that I recommend to you.

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