I Loved You, But!!! 

It hurts when

you have

someone in your

heart and mind…

but can’t have

them in your


Love, love, love. It’s not just a word but emotion that a person goes through. Many people or I should say every person goes through this phase at least once in their lifetime.

There are 2 type of love stories. One where both people fall in love with each other and live happily, second where only one fall on love and ruins his life.

Lucky are those who get the person whom they love. But what about those who fail in love? How do they cope with the situation?

Failing in love or not getting love by the person you love is very painful. It feels like someone ripped your heart out with bare hands. It hurts when you are ready to take every chance to show them your love for them but they don’t even try to take a step to meet you.

Failing in love teaches you a lot of things. It takes our faith away from love.  People after failing in love become cold hearted and lose their faiths. But as it is said, “Perhaps, a great love is never returned”

Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.

Woh mere liye 2 ka table hai,

mei uske liye 19 ka pahada.

Mjhse bhoola nahi jaata,

use yaad dilvana padta hai.

But as it is said, “Perhaps, a great love is never returned” so we should never stop loving the person and just hope for the best.

        I don’t know

       what’s more tragic,

that I keep looking for you

where ever I go

or that you are never there.



106 thoughts on “I Loved You, But!!! 

  1. Awwwww. That’s indeed painful if you can’t have the love that you’re longing for so long.. But yes, the best is yet to come and life must go on. Just wait for the right person to come and then she’ll love you more than what you deserve. Luckily, I’ve found that person. ☺😉

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  2. “Perhaps, a great love is never returned” wow.. this phrase got me all hooked up! And this..

    ” I don’t know
    what’s more tragic,
    that I keep looking for you
    where ever I go
    or that you are never there.” .. broken my heart!

    .. I don’t agree on keep loving someone.. if love them true and right.. if they don’t see it or value it.. I’d pack my bags up yo!

    Life is too short to love all the ungrateful blokes who would only rip our hearts into shreads..

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    1. It feels great you liked my post. I too don’t agree on keep loving someone if they don’t return your love but it’s difficult to forget the one whom you love and who means the world to you. Still I am trying to get over her and move on but I again fall back to the same place..

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      1. It’s that thought that keeps you trapped in the walls of isolation. There are greater people out there.. you just gotta make more friends and let your eyes witness the world outside the frames!

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  3. If it’s not forever… It’s not love…
    I won’t say that you wrote beautifully or not but you just wrote it from your heart.. and the person who cannot understand your feelings is actually at a loss and not you…. Maybe you have not found your love now but that doesn’t mean that you are never going to get one

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    1. That’s what people don’t understand. Thank you for saying that I wrote it from my heart. Maybe that person is at loss but it’s still me who is getting hurt and upset. I too hope to get a love one day in my life….

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      1. Yeah it’s quite khatarnaak . Say that to someone and it will not only convey your message but also remind them how bad at Math they are . On a serious note if you love someone truly they will hear your silence one day .

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      2. That’s great. Shayri to express love and also to teach math. Double work done.. Btw I too hope that a day will come when she will realize my love for her.. And also toote hue dil se hi shayri nikalti hai that’s why I love them and write too…

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      3. If you are in a place to tell her , go tell her don’t worry about what happens next , just blurt out pure love you have for her not something that is calculated . Atleast for your own good , don’t have regrets that you never tried .

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      4. The problem is I have already her about my feelings but she don’t reciprocate the same feelings that I have for her and now I can’t get her out of my mind and heart.. It’s completely one sided..

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  4. Maybe it’s her loss , and you my friend should open your eyes , there is a lot more to life . Maybe you will find someone who loves you with the same magnitude . I know it’s easy to say and maybe I don’t get what you feel for her , but you must respect yourself too and you deserve to be happy . It’s great to see how you are channeling your pain through shayari . I hope to read some happy shayaris . Happy Holi 😀

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    1. Thank you buddy for being there for me. I really appreciate that.. Not many people listen to a person who is broken.. Btw I am trying to get over her but it’s tough. But I know it will happen one day. Happy holi to you too😊😊

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    1. I really wanna thank you for reading it. I wrote this post when I was upset as I loved a girl who didn’t have sane feelings for me. It really hurts a lot to wait for thing which you know will never happen.. But now I am out of that phase and concentrating on my future.

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  5. Wow! U have shown all aspects of love in this single piece of writing. I can relate to each and every line. The pain .. The happiness….. The heart getting torn apart…. Absolutely everything. Amazing!
    I would really appreciate if u check my site and if u like it feel free to follow back.
    Thank u


  6. i went through something very bad. still unable to understand how to cope with it.
    its hard …when someone treats you like nothing….. but yes i do try my best to be normal focus on everything but that bad past. And i even succeed.
    But night…. what do i do then.
    thaka deti hu din bhar kam krke so most of the times i do fall asleep .
    Its only a few nights that i cannot sleep and i keep going back into my past.

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    1. Don’t do this to you. You deserve much better. Why cry over someone who don’t even care for your feelings. I know it’s tough to forget the person you love but if that person don’t have the same feelings towards you then we don’t have much choice left. We have to let them go and live our life. I hope you will be OK and forget that guy. All the best…

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  7. O i forgot… i didn’t comment on ur post—— well its beautiful specially this part
    “Woh mere liye 2 ka table hai,

    mei uske liye 19 ka pahada.

    Mjhse bhoola nahi jaata,

    use yaad dilvana padta hai.”

    this was awesome ❤

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