First Contest Update!!! 

Hey friends. This post is about a contest I organized on my blogging page. Till now it’s going great with many people participating in it. 

As I told you all that I’ll be declaring the result of my Fill in the blank contest on Sunday, so here is the last chance to submit your entries and also the last chance to give vote to your favorite entries by liking their comments. Even if you are not participating, please go through the answers of other participants and vote your favorite. 


I have provided the link to my original post about competition. Do participate and do vote by liking the comments of your favorite answer. 

I’ll be declaring results tomorrow. Thank you friends😊


8 thoughts on “First Contest Update!!! 

  1. Hi Mehul..I appreciate your love towards my blog..and I have no problem if my posts inspire your posts..but PLEASE try to be a bit different..I mean this post has been written almost exactly like my post of “Blogoquent Competition Update”..please look into it..I have no problem with your hosting a competition..but you can’t copy my format..please, I don’t want to sound rude, you are a very nice blogger and friend..but please try to do something different


    1. I don’t think that I copied your post. Ya I got the idea to host the competition from your post but I didn’t copy your format. But I am sorry if you feel so. But on the day I started the competition, I wrote this post on that day only. I didn’t copy your idea or anything. Still I am sorry if you feel so..


      1. I’m not complaining..but if you look closely, you’ll notice the undeniable similarities between the writing style of my post and that of yours..I seriously don’t mean to be rude..but I had to say something..and again I’ll say that I have nothing against you..I have always admired your blog


      2. I thinks similarities are due to the same type of competition. I am still saying that I hosted the competition after getting inspired by your post. Still I am sorry. I am a beginner in blogging world so accept my apologies. I’ll try this thing doesn’t happen again in future.


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