First Contest!!! 

Hey guys. I have been a part of WordPress from quite a time now. I want to thank all of you people who made my journey quite interesting so far. Thank you for supporting me always. 

So I am trying something new on my blog site this week. I am organizing a contest for you people. 

It’s Fill in the blanks. I’ll be asking 3 questions to everyone and everyone have to fill in the blank what they think about that. So my questions are:

  1. I loved someone but  _______. 
  2. Life according to you is _______.
  3. I became fan of lifeinprogress after reading ______ post. 

I hope everyone will participate in this competition. Comment your answers. 

Winners will be declared on Sunday.

 I am not capable of judging it so I give you people the authority to do that. The participants are the judges too. Hit  Like on the top 3 comments of people whom you like. 

So let the game begin. I’ll be waiting for your answers. 

This is my first attempt in organizing a blogging contest so I hope everyone will support me😊


59 thoughts on “First Contest!!! 

  1. 1. I loved someone but he ripped open my heart and made his way into every corner leaving trails and memories that would haunt me for an eternity and beyond. Instead of weeping I embraced the darkness and made a blog.

    2. Life according to me is finding peace amongst the thunderstorms and the darkest nights. To know its a choice and to embrace whatever that tries to break us.

    3. I became a fan not because I read a particular post but because I saw how supportive and genuine you are on other people’s blogs and you seemed like an honorable gentleman to be followed!

    xoxo ❤✌

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  2. 1) I loved someone but _________
    Ans) it was not making me happy!! Love is about happiness 😊
    2) life according to you is _____________
    Ans) happiness.
    3) “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – buddha

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  3. 2:life according to you is
    The smell of earth after rain,the sound of waves,the taste of berries,the sight of mountains,the sound of laughter and the feeling of being fully alive.
    3:From the first post,as a person so honest & humble,It is not merely impossible to become your fan Mr.Mehul.

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  4. I loved someone but fear of loosing a friend stopped me from telling her the same
    According to me life is all about exploring new ways to find happiness in nutshells

    I love reading to life in progress bcoz I’ve seen the efforts behind the content … The frustration of WordPress bugs !!!!
    Cheers buddy !!!
    Going great

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  5. 1. I loved someone(too many) but they’re all fictional!
    2. Life according to you is difficult and complicated but the good times probably hold the power of making it worth living.
    3. I became fan of lifeinprogress after reading most of your posts. Like I said before, they are mature, clear and explanatory. And they are on a variety of issues😀

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    1. Fictional characters are love for me from my childhood.. Good definition of life. And thank you for saying good words for my blog post. It’s because of people like you that I get motivated to share my views freely😊😊

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  6. 1. There can never be a ‘but’ if you really love someone, it’s a feeling and there is no point regretting it! Truth should always be told!
    But ans to your question is:-
    “The person i loved the most taught me love is about just loving and nothing more; not even relation”♥️
    I respect it.

    2. Life according to me is short and I wanna live it passionately.

    3. There isn’t a particular one. These blogs tells a different story of you, the story of your heart, your life, they describe a different you and this is something different. Generally people can’t share them but you did them beautifully and you pass on great messages to the one’s who are feeling that they have missed something in their life somewhere.

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    1. Wow that’s an awesome reply. Thank you dollie for sharing your views. That’s why I started blogging, to share my thoughts with the world. Life is short and we should enjoy every single moment of it. That’s what love is, no expectations but just pure loving😊😊 Thank you for supporting me always.. Thanks a lot😊😊

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  7. Love this contest…
    1. I loved someone but it wasn’t love.
    2. Life according to me is having a purpose to carry on, and changing the way one thinks.
    3. I became a fan of lifeinprogress with no particular post, but the writing was just beautiful

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  8. 1.I loved someone but never expect anything I think that true love is unconditional.❤

    2.I don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand.

    3.जो तुम न मिलते,होता हीं क्या ढूँढ लाने को..मेरी अमानत हो तुम…😉😉😉❤

    Big Hug…All D best Buddy!!👍

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  9. 1. I loved someone but he was the wrong person

    2. Life is cherishing the littlest of things by living in the moment and learning something insightful from our mistakes, rather than grieving over them!

    3. I became a fan of this site after reading “It’s Never too late”, though it’s totally an understatement ’cause I have truly loved every other posts in here because each carried a positive vibe with it. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for participating in the contest. That are some awesome answers. Life is getting happy in small achievements. Thank you for being there for me always. I know you will definitely get the love you want in life as a nobel soul like you deserves one.

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  10. 1. I loved someone but any combination of 26 alphabets could not express my love fo her.

    2. Life according to me is a secret.
    Life is so easy , life is so good and all good things come to me.

    3. I became fan of lifeinprogress as i could put myself easily in most of your blogs. I could connect to the words that govern the shared feelings.

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  11. 1.I loved someone but somebody loved me even more than I can
    2.life according to me is greatest gift of almighty which I can’t afford to waste crying
    3.I became fan of life in progress after reading positive thoughts of almost everyone on wordpress.

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    1. Thank you Ma’am for sharing your answers with us. Yup we shouldn’t waste our life crying. Instead make full use of it doing something productive. Thank you for your kind words😊 you are quite lucky that someone love you because everyone doesn’t get that kind of person!!

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  12. 1. I loved someone that was there for me whenever I was in any kind of trouble and needed a genuine support just to keep me motivated to get out of it as such situation one come to know about the feelings at the other end towards oneself.

    2.Life according to me is the greatest gift given to me by the almighty and want to cherish every moment of it.Life has ups and downs but facing them makes one live life to the fullest.As life is only given once so “LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST”.

    3. I became fan of life in progress not only by reading such beautiful and motivation al blogs but also seeing the simplicity and life experiences they were presented in always had a clear message to give away which one should always implement in one’s life in order to be a successful person in life.
    👍 👍 🙌 🙌

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