One sided feelings!!! 

Of all the people my heart could have chosen, it decided on a girl who didn’t have enough room in her heart to love someone like me. 

Hey guys this is my third post of the week. This week was really good as I shared my heart with you guys. I shared about my true feelings. This post is also something personal. 

It hurts when you love someone so much but that person don’t reciprocite the feelings. Many people say that we should give up on that person or should stop talking to them. But I believe we should never stop trying. We should remember why we started. 

When you find a person who means the world to you and is the one only one who can bring happiness in your life, then you never stop believing that a day will come when that person will feel what you feel for them, and that’s what true love is, giving everything you have without any expectations to receive anything back. 

I know it hurts but one sided love is a powerful  thing. You just want to show that you love them to moon and back but don’t expect them to love you back.

In the end I’ll say that don’t expect to get love back but love unconditionally and never stop believing. If you love truly you will get your love, no matter how much time it takes but never lose hope because you never stop trying when you find the one.

49 thoughts on “One sided feelings!!! 

  1. Great work giving out a lesson of ” pushing yourself through a challenge once you have accepted it by believing in yourself”. Really Loved reading it!!!👍👍

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  2. But…but..but if she never reciprocates the love ( sorry! ) , you’d be very upset your whole life! Love shouldn’t hurt. It should make life easier and more worthy to live. I really hope you find happiness in your life but I disagree with your decision to never let go of your one sided love.

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    1. I know it will hurt for my whole life but I can’t forget her. How can I love again when I’ll never be able to get her out of my mind.. If she never reciprocates the feeling then what can I do. It’s her wish..

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      1. Ok. This can’t be considered a valid point because I’ve never been in love and I am very skeptical about matters of heart, but maybe you could move on and find someone who cares about you and loves you!
        I know it must be hard to do that but you can’t ruin your happiness for a one sided love. It’s not fair to you!!!

        I’m sorry if that was inconsiderate of me. I really believe everyone deserves to be happy.

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      2. I too know that it’s not a valid thing to be sad over someone who don’t care for your feelings. But I don’t know how to get over her. It’s difficult. I hope a day will come when I’ll get over her but for now I don’t see that happening…

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  3. Hey Mehul, another one of your amazing works, full of emotions and feelings.
    In this case I only hope she falls for you too but God forbid if that doesn’t happen, then you must know there is also a chance that there will be someone better than her for you even if you think it’s impossible now. Anyway my best wishes to you☺

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    1. Thank you. Thank you for hoping that she falls for me too.. A hope is what I am living with. Right now toh I don’t think that anyone can be better then her or I can have feelings for anyone else the way I feel about her. Still thank you for understanding me and being there for me in this tough time..

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      1. My readers are there for me that’s why I wrote this article to share my pain with them. My WordPress family is really great. Thank you for being there for me always. I too hope it gets better soon but I don’t see that happening..


  4. Mehul, I totally understand where you’re coming from; I can see how hard this is for you. If you want to wait and hope, then wait and hope but I hope that, whilst you wait, you will make sure you go out and enjoy life to the full. Do some new things, take up a new hobby or a sport, see other people, get out there and have some fun. Don’t put your life on hold for this person..life is short…make the most of every day. Wishing you love and happiness. x

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    1. Thank you for understanding. I would like to wait for her except going out with someone else. You are right, life is short. I have started concentrating on my projects now so it helps me a lot. Thank you once again for taking out your time and giving it a read and understanding my condition.

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  5. I am over her, boy you are over her, move on boy for life is …….is is …is……………………
    And then you see her…………………………….. the whole world freezes, boy you love her but i was over her. No boy you love her…………………….. what a conflict……
    one sided love truely boy one…. sided…. LOVE….

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  6. I can totally relate to this. “Loneliness Knows Me By Name” and “One sided Feelings” seem to perfectly describe my life right now. Please check out my post “The Feeling Ain’t Fair”. I founded it hard to cope with One sided Feelings. Unconditionally loving someone who doesn’t love you back feels rather unfair. But i guess thats all part of life hey…

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    1. Seriously it’s really hard to deal with one sided feelings. It’s like you are dying and still can’t tell anyone. Worst thing that can happen to anyone as it kills us completely from inside. I’ll definitely check your post too…


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