Unrequited love!!! 

Hello guys. Today I can’t share a full fledged post as I have an exam tomorrow. So I am going to write 2-3 short posts this week. I hope you will like them. So let’s get started. 

Unrequited love- that’s the word that can ignite many hearts and give pain to them. It’s a word that gives you happiness remembering your love but also at the same time saddens you for not having that love in your life. 

I think most of the people in this world goes through this phase of one sided love where they love someone unconditionally but don’t get that love in return. 
Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return is like trying to fly with a broken wing. 
There is a dialog in a Hindi movie which I recently saw. It goes like this -‘ Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai … auron ke rishton ki tarah yeh do logon mein nahi bat’ti … sirf mera haq hai ispe’. This line shows the real meaning of Unrequited love. 

One sided love is painful as it’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

It’s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen. but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.
At the end I would like to say to my loyal readers that whosoever loves a person and is not getting love in return, don’t worry. A day will come when they will understand your love for them and come back in your life and if they don’t then don’t get broken and just try to move on. There is no point on getting sad over person who was never yours and who will never be. 

40 thoughts on “Unrequited love!!! 

  1. That message to cupid😂😂❤❤
    You have a way with words and the best part is you write with so much clarity, covering most of the points and with proper emphasis that it makes one feel like they are in the company of a calm, sorted mind.

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  2. This feeling where u are happy but sad also. Where u don’t expect anything but yet u expect. Every little thing of them reminds u again and again with great force. When u want to forget and move on it comes with double the speed. Its just the feeling couldn’t be forgotten

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