Hello guys. My exams finally got over, so here I am once again back, blogging. I am really excited to blog after a month. Thank you guys for supporting me always.

So December is here and holiday season is upon us. Today is Christmas and i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May all your wishes come true and you have a happy holiday season.

This is the season when people like to meet their friend. They meet their old friends, party and enjoy. But I think this as a very overrated stuff. Meeting old friends in vacations is one thing I hate. I know many people will not be agreeing with my views. But people like me who don’t have any old friends will really support my statement.

Not having any old friends or I must say a best friend is according to me is the best thing that can occur to you. I am not saying this words from out of the blue. I am saying all this stuff from personal experience because lately I realized that some people are like pennies, two faced and worthless.

This holiday season made me realized that how people can be good to you on your face but can be real jerks behind your back. I realized that if lying was a job, then some people i know that would be billionaires.

I know that people change with time as they gain new friends. But their is a saying that ‘New friends may be like diamond but old friends are like gold. If you get diamonds don’t forget gold as only gold can hold a diamond’. I used to support this saying until now. But when the person who is a gold to you don’t think you as a gold, then I think it’s time to move on. It’s like you are the only one who tries to keep the friendship.

Having new friends doesn’t mean that we should forget our old friends. But some people don’t understand this thing. This really hurts when this comes from a person whom you thought to be your best friend.

I know the pain that accompanies the betrayal of a friend who meant a lot to you. Sometimes we are unaware of the wolves in sheeps clothing that have crept into our houses. We are left to wonder which is worse?

  1. They were wolves from the start, or
  2. We are just figuring out.

Either way, it hurts. If someone has lied to you, hurt you or hindered your progress in life, chances are they are wolves too. Forgiveness is necessary but self sabotage is not. If you are feeling angry, jealous or spiteful people posing as your friends yet acting more like enemies, begin to take necessary steps to cut these people off from your life.

As of now I have only 3-4 friends who I am close to and I am really happy I have them in my life. According to me we should keep our circle small and cut off fake friends because less friends means less bullshit. Sometimes your circle decreases in size but increases in value.

At the end I will just say that always cut off people who are not true to you. I know it is difficult to unfriend a person who was your best friend once or as they would say so. But the people who are not real to you are very vicious for you as fake friends leave real scars. Cut off them from your life and be happy always.

I hope you all will like this post. I am really happy to be back. Now I will be posting regularly once again i.e., every Sunday.


16 thoughts on “FRIEND-NO FRIEND!!!

  1. Hi Mehul, glad to know that you have finished your exams successfully, and a very happy holidays to you too.
    Yes having some honest friends is much better than have a fleet of fake friends with you, but brother don’t give up so soon on this wonderful relationship. Have a open heart whenever you meet someone new, because genuine guys are still there out waiting for their best friends, maybe you and I can be that for them.

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    1. I too hope to find a friend on whom I can rely. But it’s my bad that till noe I have not got that kind of friend. Or I would say I don’t even think have friends. I just have people with whom I talk..


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