Everyone Dies But Not Everyone Lives!!! 

Thank you guys for such an overwhelming response on my previous post. It’s always a pleasure to get appreciation for your work. I hope you all will like this post too.

I will not be able to write for a few weeks now as my final exams are approaching. I hope you all will understand and support me. I’ll write my next blog after 21st December. So let’s start with this week’s post.

Recently I came across a video on a social networking site. That video gave me the idea for this blog post ‘Everyone Dies But Not Everyone Lives’.

It is not death most people are afraid of.It is getting to the end of life, only to realize that you never truly lived.

There was a study done, a hospital study on 100 elderly people facing death close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect about their life’s biggest regret.Nearly all of them said they regretted not the things they did but the things they didn’t do.The risks they never took, the dreams they didn’t pursue, the paths they never chose. Do anyone of you  want your last words to be; if only I had!!

I learned a fact about airplanes the other day. I once got a chance  to talk to a pilot of a famous airlines and he told me that many of his passengers think planes are dangerous to fly in. But he said actually, it is a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground. I said what? Like how does that sound what he said, he said because on the ground. The plane starts to rust, malfunction and wear, much faster than it ever would if it was in the air. As I walked away I thought, yeah, it makes total sense because planes were built to live in the skies. And every person was built to live out the dream they have inside. So it is perhaps the saddest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off.

There is no such thing as smooth mountain. If you want to reach at top then you have to cross sharp edges. There will be times when you will be stressed and depressed over things. But let me tell you something. People who have the courage to think outside the box are the only one who get great success in life. Albert Einstein was considered to be a dull student in his school days but we all know what he turned out to be. Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school three times, three times but he kept going.The television execs fired Oprah said she was unfit for TV but she kept going. Critics told Beyoncé that she couldn’t sing she went through depression. But she kept going.

We are given a gift called ‘Life’so don’t blow it. You’re not defined by your past instead you were born anew in each moment. So own it now.

To reach somewhere we have to start from somewhere. ‘Kahin pohochne ke lie kahin se nikalna bahaut zaruri hota hai. Sahi waqt pe kat lena chahiye, nahi to gile-shikve hone lagte hain’. So why don’t we start now and move towards what we really dream of. There is no point of keep standing at a place and wondering if it is going to happen, instead start moving and make that happen.

Why do you exist? Life is not meant to simply work, wait for the weekend and pay rent. I don’t know much. But I know that every person on this earth has a gift. A gift which no one can steal it from him, a gift which can take him to heights and a gift which can make him happy. We were not given this beautiful gift so that we could sit on our asses for a 9 to 5 job. This gift is far more then that.

See most of us are afraid of the thief. They come in the night to steal all of our things. But there is a thief in your mind who is after your dreams. His name is doubt. If you see him call the cops and keep him away from the kids because he is wanted for murder. So he has killed more dreams than failure ever did. He wears many disguises and like a virus will leave you blinded, divided and turn you into a person you would like to hate upon.

At the end I’ll just quote a dialouge of a Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, ‘Mei udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon, bas rookna nahi chahta’. So don’t stop, whatever may befall on your way,whatever may be the difficulty, just keep moving towards your goal and make yourself happy.


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