Being Sensitive Is A Strength!!!

“Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you have got a Big Heart and are not afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotion is a sign of strength.” – Brigette Nicole

We have a problem in the modern world that needs to be addressed. It impacts a huge number of population but is so ingrained in our culture that is is so easy for us to overlook how dangerous it can be.This problem is the Denial of Sensitivity.

We often associate sensitivity with weakness and tend to hide our sensitive nature from others. But when we learn how to manage our energy and emotions, we can become more controlled, empathetic and driven.

Most people suppress their sensitivity, not realizing that it’s a very powerful source of productive energy once they learn how to accept it and direct it towards something.

Being a sensitive person myself I can relate to this a lot. We have ย our own little world in our mind where we like to spend time and enjoy company of ourselves. Some traits of a sensitive person are as follows:

  1. You feel other’s feeling
  2. Negativity overwhelms you
  3. Being in a crowed place overwhelms you
  4. You avoid negative media image
  5. You don’t like too many things at once
  6. You get bored easily
  7. You can almost feel the days of the week

A trait that comes with sensitivity is passion and creativity. Sensitive people are often artists and vice versa, as they are aware of their emotions and better able to communicate them to others through their work. Some people can paint, some can speak and others can write what they want to share with world. I am the kind of guy who prefer writing and expressing. That’s the reason this blog is in front of you guys.

A sensitive person is a super human with many super powers like:

  1. The ability to feel what other people can’t feel
  2. The ability to overthink anything
  3. Meaning is to a sensitive person what spinach is to Popeye
  4. Can spend hours and days alone and not feeling lonely
  5. The ability to be overwhelmed in under 60 seconds.
  6. The idea of doing something just for money bounces right off us.
  7. When we say how you feel, we mean it literally.

Sensitive people likes to stay alone, away from all the drama and negativity of other people. Always try to be sensitive to other feelings, because there are times when tears mean happiness and smile means hurt.

I am really sensitive and people don’t understand that, because my most comfortable feeling is anger. So I will get angry if you said something to hurt my feelings or you are making me uncomfortable. I will be angry, and be ready to do something about it.

Keep being sensitive,

the mountains tell me.

the flowers.

the drink.

the stranger.

the music.

Keep being sensitive,

life screams.

delicacy is

a forgotten art.

So at the end i will just say that being sensitive is not a weakness but a strength in itself. Its true that a sensitive person has to suffer but it does not mean that we are weak. We are the strongest people who can shatter any chain just to achieve what we desire. We are the one who care about other’s feelings and are not selfish like most people.IMG_20161005_175110105.jpg


26 thoughts on “Being Sensitive Is A Strength!!!

    1. Being a sensitive person myself I can very much relate to it. I know we people have to suffer more because we can’t snap on other people. We are the one who don’t have a shoulder to cry on or to person with whom we can share our feelings with!!!

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    1. Thank you. Yup I know being sensitive is hard. People think that we are weak but I believe that sensitive people are the strongest people. They are the one who care from their heart. They are the one that love truly and never hurt others๐Ÿ˜Š thank you for giving it a reading..

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