Life Is A Mystery!!! 

This is my 12th blog and I am quite happy with the response I get with each of my writing. Thank you to all of my readers. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to write the previous week. My exams were going on so was a little busy. I am happy to be back now. 

So this week’s topic is going to be about LIFE. Everyone says when you don’t understand anything then go back to basics. So I am just doing that. I don’t have any great ideas this week so I am back to basics.

Sunday morning and I am listening to a radio show which I am addicted to, Riya’s Retro Playlist Vol. 1 on Gaana.com. This show is just awesome. 

Being in 2016 I still love bollywood songs of 70’s. So this morning I was listening to episode 14 of the show and I was just awe struck. This episode was about LIFE. This episide gave me the idea of this blog. 

One of my favorite movie of all time is Anand which my previous readers must be knowing and a dialog which never escapes my mind is ‘Babumushoi, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin’. This dialog is a great thought for life. Many people try to control life but how can you control something if you are not able to understand it and I think that no one can understand Life. 

A Punjabi saying which I really like is ‘Chal chad mitti pa’. Sometimes it is a great philosophy of living. 

Now let’s talk about my favorite songs on life. I really love a song by movie Anand ‘zindagi kaisi hai paheli, kabhi toh hasaye kabhi yeh rulaye’. This song says everything you wanna know about life. Life is a mixture of some happy and some sad moments. Without sadness we will never cherish that happy moments. Like light has no meaning without light, similarly happiness is nothing without sadness.

 Another song I really like is from movie Muqaddar ka sikandar ‘Rote hue aate hai sab, hasta hua jo jaayega  woh Muqaddar ka sikandar kehlayega’. Every person comes in the world crying but only that person who leaves it with happiness will be called a real gem. The person who extracts happiness from small things will be satisfied in life. 

Why is life so complicated? Everyone has different opinions on this question. Expectations from others is what complicates our lives. If we will believe in ousersles then we will never require any one else to be happy. I think everyone knows about a famous character known as Mr. Bean. That person never required anyone to be happy. He was just happy with himself became he never expected anything from anyone. That person should be a true idol. 

At the end I’ll just say that don’t try to control what you can’t understand and life is a big unsolved mystery which can’t be solved so don’t even try to. Just enjoy as it is and live the small moments it offers you. We mirror the  world around us as the world mirror’s us. Life is wild horse whom we are riding, we will only land when it will let us. So till then just enjoy. 


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