A Slice Of Life in Goa!!! 

This is the final part of my gokart series. Thanks all of you for liking it. This chapter will be a little bit different as it include my fun trip after the gokarting. It is about my trip to heaven of West India ie., Goa. 

After finishing my gokart event I went to Goa with my friends. We boarded a bus at night. At 7:30 we reached Goa in Calangute area. We booked our hotel near beach. We took rest for few hours and freshened up. 

 After relaxing and getting fresh we went to calangute beach for having fun and taking bath. When we reached the beach it started raining. But still we didn’t go back to our hotel. A rainy day at beach is better than a sunny day at college. There we enjoyed the refreshing sea and tasted the saltiness of sea. Whoever said it said correctly that ‘Time wasted at beach is time well spent’. Beach life is best. After the refreshing bath we came back in our hotel and got ready. After that we hired Royal Enfield Bullet, Vespa and two activas. We went to different places like Aguada Fort, Sinquerem beach. Aguada Fort built in the year 1612, Aguada Fort derives its name from the Portuguese word, ‘Aguada’, meaning water, A hotspot of various natural springs, a part of this famous fort has been changed into central jail. After the awesome day we went to Baga beach and ate our dinner there. After coming back in our hotel I with my few friends went to calangute beach again at 12:00 midnight. There we listened to guitar and awesome songs. The mood was set and situation was melancholic. It was a fun filled day. First day in goa was awesome.

Second day was good as I traveled to Old Goa. It was one of the best road trips for me. Journey is always more beautiful than the destination. There I saw churches like Bascillica of Bom Jesus, Church of St. Francis of Assisis and Chapel of our Lady of the mount. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most awesome and famous of all the churches in Old Goa as it is a heritage site. It contains the relics of St.Francis Xavier, Patron saint of Goa, Apostle of the Indies. Church of St. Francis of Assisis, built in the 17th Century, a beautiful octagonal tabernacle ornately decorated has two statues, one of St Francis of Assisi and the other of Jesus on the cross. The churches were awesome. Old buildings but still well maintained. I loved the visits to churches. Old goa was really a heartwarming trip. 

Day 3 was best day of my trip. It was a sunny day. In morning we went to beach where I got a temporary tattoo of Scorpio on my back. After spending few time there we went to anjuna and vagator beach. It took my breath away as at Anjuna beach I enjoyed the watersports like banana ride and jetski. Friends, sun, sand and sea, that is the best summer to me. Kids at the beach were playing and building sand castles. At Vagator beach I enjoyed sitting on rocks and writing this blog while watching sunset. This view is fixed in my heart. I’ll never forget the view of sea and sunset. We sat on rocks for hours listening to soulful sound of sea hitting the rocks. After that we went for dinner. After dinner we went to calangute beach as it was the closest beach to our hotel. We went there at 10 PM. We sat on soft sand and relaxed. Sitting on soft sand is one of the best feeling you can ever get.

On day 4 all of my friends went to there home. So only me and my one more friend was in Goa. We decided to take rest that day so after the breakfast we went to beach and sat there listening to some soulful songs. The power of songs is great and it doubled on beach. I sat there and listened to Coldplay, my favorite band. Sun-kissed, beach and Coldplay, best combination one can think of. After spending time at my favorite place in goa, the beach I packed my bags and my cab came to the hotel. I went to airport and boarded my plane back to New Delhi. 

After my trip to goa I realized one thing that The ocean is where I belong. Today also I am missing the beach and I am sure that the beach is missing me too. At end I am going to say one thing only that ‘Dear ocean, thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired and salty, all at once’. 


9 thoughts on “A Slice Of Life in Goa!!! 

  1. Wow! I realised I had already read this post and liked too but this was from a time when I wasn’t much active here and kept to myself. I so understand that feeling, where you think that you belong to the ocean, ah I miss it so much. This was such a beautiful post, written so beautifully. There is so much information and blissful feelings♥️☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe. Btw I am glad you read it again and commented too this time😊 I am happy you liked my post. That’s true. Ocean is a place which is equal to heaven for me. I love sitting on sea shores and listen the music of sea💙💙


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