Go Kart-Chapter 3(Travelling and the event) 

So this is the final chapter of the series. Thank you all for the appreciation and supporting me for my mini series. The final part is going to be a bit long. It will be in 2 parts. I hope you all will enjoy the final chapter too. In this I’ll try to give you all to a virtual tour of my whole trip. 

So after our go-kart construction and shipping was over we all were pretty excited about our event. We all booked our air tickets from Delhi to the nearest airport from kolhapur ie., pune. We all boarded our flight from Indra Gandhi Domestic Airport Terminal 1D. We all reached pune on 26th September. The weather of pune was nice. We checked in our hotel room that night. We all were pretty exhausted by the Travelling so we all ate dinner and slept in no time. 

The next morning we all got up and got ready quickly as today was our day of Travelling to kolhapur. We had already booked our Volvo busses for that. We boarded the bus at 11:45 in morning. The weather was awesome. 

On the way to kolhapur the weather changed and gave us a little more happiness in our traveling. It suddenly started to rain. It was like topping on cake for us. The pune kolhapur highway had an amazing view. It was like we were traveling in heaven. The roads were clean, rain was falling and with that the magic of Coldplay. The combination was perfect for the trip. One can’t ask for anything else on a bus trip.

 After an awesome road trip we reached kolhapur at around 4:30 in the evening. It was a long but fun way to kolhapur. We all enjoyed a lot on our way. 

After reaching to our destination we checked in  in our hotels. Our kart was also there so we unloaded it from the truck and parked it in the basement. That night we all were exhausted from all the traveling so we ate the dinner early and then had a lot of fun playing multiple games. We planned the events for next day and slept. 

Next day we went for shopping for our kart,things like nuts and bolts, paints, rain cover etc needed for the event which was next day. 

It was first day of our event. We all were really excited about it. I with 3 other team members went to the racing track early with our kart. After few hours our full team arrived there. After that we all took our kart to the pit. There we all applied stickers on the bumpers of the kart and did some modifications. 

First day was for Technical Inspection. We went for the inspection quite early. It was nice but they pointed out few mistakes. They told us to do the corrections and come again for inspection again. At evening the weather changed suddenly and rain started pouring heavily. After the heavy rain the events were stopped. We all covered our karts with rain cover and packed our bags and stuffs. We all boarded our bus to go back to our hotel.

Day 2 was for technical inspection, design evaluation and dynamic events. We did all the changes judge told us to do and went for technical inspection again. We got TI OK sticker. We all were really happy that we cleared the TI round. Then the dynamic event started. We decided to first observe other teams and then go ourselves the next day. 

Day 3 was set for Design evaluation and dynamic events. We quickly went for design evaluation that day. We gave an awesome performance. We had all the answers asked by the judge. After that we went for dynamic events like acceleration and braking test, traction, skidpad, autocross. In acceleration and braking test our Kart had awesome acceleration and braking time was 1.16sec. Next was traction and the kart had to pull Scorpio. It was scary for us at first but we had full confidence on our kart and the confidence we had was achieved easily. Similarly we cleared all the events like autocross, skidpad easily and qualified to semi finals. That day we were happy as we gave an awesome performance and cleared all the dynamic events easily. 

Day 4 was for semi finals and finals. The qualified teams were announced and I was happy as my team was selected. All the teams were divided into 4 slots. We came in slot 4. We watched all the races. Our race started and our driver was nice. During our race the rain started to pour heavily which increased our tension as we were not using wet condition tyres. The rain decreased the grip of tyres. But still we didn’t loose our hope.  We came in top 10 in our slot. But we were not able to qualify for the final race. But instead of getting sad we were happy as we reached till semi finals. This was our first competition and we reached till semi finals, that was a great achievement for us. Everybody knows that first experience matters the most and my first experience was far better than I thought. I never thought that coming to a national event for the first time and we will reach semi finals. But our handwork helped us in achieving that milestone. We went to our hotel that day all happy and according to our plan we booked our tickets to Goa.  

The event was over and we all were happy. Finally the Karting event was over and we all got relieved. So for relaxation we planned for Goa. 

The gokarting event of mine will be in my heart forever as it was always a dream for me to do a project in automobile sector and gokart made it come true. My gokart memories are one of the best memories I am carrying right now. The days spent on studying, construction and in final event, I’ll never forget these all. Gokart event filled me with positivity. It gave me determination to do more projects. My gokart project gave me something which I can’t share in words. It was an awesome, breathtaking and astounding experience for me. 

While writing this I thought that I’ll write one more chapter in this series but that will focus only on my Goa trip. I hope you all will like that too. 


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