Go Kart-Chapter 2(Construction) 

This is second chapter of my mini go Karting series. I am thankful to all of you for giving positive reviews on my first chapter. I hope you all will like this part too. 
After the planning process we decided to shift to construction phase which is most interesting but difficult part. We decided to start the construction from rear part and shift to front as the work progresses. 

Firstly we decided to mount the engine of our kart. It took a lot of time as proper elevation was required for it. It took us approximately a week to mount the engine.

Then we mounted the axle and the tyres. We used UC206 to mount the axle. Due to using of a differential it was difficult for us to control the weight of the axle. We used nickle alloy of grade NY800 as the material for the axle. 

After the tyres and axle the time came for discs and calipers. We used dual discs and dual calipers. We also had dual master cylinder for the braking. They brake fluid we used was DOT 3.

After the braking mechanism we shifted on the front part of the chassis and focused on steering mechanism. We used bell crank mechanism, Ackerman steering system. It’s quite easy to use. We used steering mechanism of Maruti 800 as it was easily available. The knuckles we used was quite heavy and had great strength.

After steering mechanism we focused on front tyres. After the tyres our kart stood on four tyres. 

After tyres our electrical department became active and did all the wiring. That was the time we got to start our engine. We all got really excited as we were able to see the future of our kart. 

After all the wirings we mounted our seat of carbon fibre and the fire wall. We used aluminium sheets and glass wool for fire wall. We sandwiched glass wool between the sheet and tapped the sharp edges. 

After this the turn was of our bumpers. We used metallic rods of Dia 1 inch having thickness up to 3mm. 

It took us approximately 4-5 months in constructing our kart.

After the bumper our kart was ready. Now only the shipping was left. We talked to our college for shipping and they arranged it for us. 

Now as our kart was shipped we were free. So we relaxed and booked our air tickets to pune and packed our bags for the trip. 

In next chapter I’ll be sharing my experience at the event and the traveling phase. 


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