Egoism is a feeling or sense of self importance and self esteem over goods of other.

Human nature is completely and exclusively egoistic. People are entirely selfish and devoid of any genuine feelings of sympathy or sociability. They are always thinking of themselves in everything they do. 

I like to think of ego as a custom game piece in a popular game called ‘Putting People into Hierarchies’. All humans play (or have played) this game, as far as I know. You can play it your entire life without realizing what you’re doing.
Too much ego will kill your talent. An egoistic person never accept his limitations and hence he never tries to improve. 

Ego is your worst enemy. It will only disconnect you with others and in end will leave you alone and sad. Egoism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity. 

These days egoism has consumed everyone and is feeding of their souls. They only think about their welfare over others happiness. Starve the ego, feed the soul. 

EGO a very powerful three lettered word that holds you back from saying things your heart is dying to say like, I love you, I miss you, I am sorry. It can completely destroy any relationship. 

These days people are like ‘I just wanted to let you know that when you are feeling down and need someone I will always be there for you, only on Facebook though. Don’t call me or come to my house with that bullshit’.

There is a thin line between ego and self esteem. Apologizing not always mean you are wrong but sometimes it also means you value your relationship more than your ego.

Ego=1/Knowledge  “More the knowledge less the ego, less the knowledge more the ego” 

In the end I’ll only say that let go your ego and value happiness in small things. Only once try to leave your ego and life will reward you with all the happiness. Happiness always comes in small packets but that packets are the real treasure. How high you go, stay low.


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